Natasha Chatur

Coaching for success, through work happiness.

Natasha Chatur

Coaching for success, through work happiness.


What's Going On For You?

It’s frustrating to feel like you want to make a change but have no idea where or how to start. Does any of the below sound familiar?

  • You’re not happy at work and it's affecting your day to day 
  • You used to feel excited about work, but have lost your mojo
  • Everything looks good on paper, but you’re starting to feel a sense of discomfort and uncertainty
  • You’ve been successful so far, and want to make sure you feel that again
  • You know there is a way to work it out, but you’re not sure what it is yet
  • You’ve lost your sense of direction, and want to find it again with confidence
  • You’re excited by the thought of what’s possible, but confused about how to find clarity
  • You don’t want to stay paralysed into inaction, and are ready to take action

Wouldn't It Be Wonderful If...

  • You understand why things have changed for you and what that means for your work present and future
  • You have the time and space to think deeply and clearly about you and your next chapter
  • You feel happier and positive when you think about your future of work
  • You have a sense of direction to focus on
  • You feel back in the driving seat of your future of work
  • You have created possibilities and choices that didn't exist for you previously 
  • You had found your mojo once again

My Approach Is Simple

  • We'll work together for 9 sessions 
  • Your investment for 9 sessions is £925 total 
  • Start by taking one small action to talk it through together, just click the button below. This call has no charge, no strings and no obligation. 

This little button could be the difference between nothing changing and everything changing.


Why Do I Do What I Do?

I believe the tables have turned.

I believe we should get as much value back from work as we put in (if not more!).

That we can recognise what’s possible for ourselves, without exception.

That we can be creative, bold and courageous in discovering and achieving it.

I became the coach I am today because I too have had many instances where I was stuck, unhappy and uninspired by the day job, and eventually by the career path that lay ahead of me.

I know what it’s like to not feel in control and not know where to start.

I found a solution every time. And I’m offering one to you too.