Client Testimonials


“Coaching allowed me to build a path to identify and continuously evolve my leadership style – reflecting and sharing how I am thinking about ongoing and past challenges from a different perspective. Natasha’s approach was very comprehensive, really thinking of me as a whole person and not just focusing on topics purely related to my role in the company. This made me more confident in my position and ultimately happier – brought me back on a path to continuously becoming a better leader.” David, CEO & Founder, October 2022

“Coaching helped me at a time where I was not sure what was next but I wanted a big change. What I’ve learned mainly via the coaching with Natasha is that it’s never a big change but a lot of small ones…I can see that now few months down the line and I feel positive that I can keep on steering the wheel in the right direction.” Sophie, Product Manager, August 2022

“After about a year and a half I finally landed my dream job in my dream location. I will be doing what I love, closer to my family, and living the lifestyle that I would normally only get to do when on vacation. You were the beginning and foundation of my search for a change in my life and wanted to let you know you made a big positive impact on my life and that I acted on our discussions and took the courage to make a change.

There were many times throughout this transformation that I referred back to core concepts of what we talked about so was so helpful. Definitely not easy but was a testament of what really mattered to me.” Jesse, Engineer, June 2022

“You really helped me think through some things in a way I haven’t before. The types of questions you asked improved my understanding of what might be going on at the moment that contributes to my situation, and my perception of it. It also feels really comforting to know I may have some tools after our sessions to use in the future.” Amy, Analyst, March 2022

“Natasha is a top notch coach who sets you up for big games.” Amit, CTO, January 2022

“As soon as I met Natasha, I immediately felt calm. Her ability to let me explore my own ideas and give me the space and time to think about them in a different way was impressive. Natasha was able to ask the right questions, at the right time, so that I continued to delve deeper. After six sessions working together, I have gained perspective, set clearer boundaries and have greater self awareness. This is only the start of my journey but I’m so pleased Natasha has been part of it!” Beth, Project Manager, July 2021

“It was great working with Natasha and is amazing at what she does! She’s helped improve my life. Prior to Natasha I had no idea what to do, hated my job, daily routine and felt stuck. I’m grateful that I have the method to improve myself. I have much more clarity of what I want to do in life which is congruent with my values. I love that I can work to my strengths, enjoy what I do and most importantly have the framework to improve. I’m sleeping better now and my development has positively impacted the people around me. I know myself more. I’m excited for the future. I could go on and on and on. Natasha is also a phenomenal listener. One of the best decisions of my life. I highly recommend her service.” Jayesh, Social Media to Personal Trainer, July 2021 

“I just wanted to say thank you again. I took everything we discussed into consideration and am feeling a lot happier and less overwhelmed. I really appreciate your compassion and actionable tips. It was exactly what I needed to get out of my own head and make the necessary changed so I don’t burn out!” Brodie, Corporate turned Business Owner, May 2021

Natasha was a brilliant force of positivity, structure open-mindedness during our sessions. She provided the space and freedom for me to consider my careers in ways that I hadn’t thought of before, as well as providing brilliant insight and exercises to work through. I would heartily recommend a chat with Natasha, whatever stage of career you are in and whatever the work-related topic may be! Grace, Advertising Account Manager, February 2021

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Natasha, she has opened my eyes to some of the benefits of coaching I hadn’t seen before. Natasha was very supportive and has given me some very practical ways to help unpick my thoughts and use them to help me assess different situations. Her style is calm, considered and inquisitive – always giving the space to help you notice things you may not have done before. It has been the start of a journey for me, helping me to start to gain a better understanding of myself and ways I can start to make decisions.” Katherine, Brand Manager, November 2020

“Natasha enabled me to talk easily about my career and move forward with clear next steps. She was an observant listener, getting me to reflect, question, form actions, whilst offering me accountability. Natasha talked about my ability to start a role and make it my own, building it to mould my strengths. I certainly came away with a strong recognition of that and how powerful that is in ensuring you make your career your own. I can confirm that sessions with Natasha are valuable in discovering, articulating, and then taking the next steps needed.” Sally, Probation Officer, November 2020

“Speaking to Natasha about frustrations with my work life balance and my career goals allowed me to better understand my own motivations for seeking change. She’s incredibly easy to talk to, she’s empathetic and non-judgmental and provides all the right prompts to have a deep and meaningful conversation about life goals. I came out of our first conversation with a plan to transition into my own consulting practice. It was an incredibly liberating feeling.” Meena, Fintech Programme, Ops and Transformation, November 2019

“I’d been really wanting to get involved with life coaching for quite a while – I’d been doing therapy but really needed a more practical approach. Through the sessions with Natasha I was able to break down one of the biggest blocks that I’d been holding on to for a very long time and had no idea how much it was actually holding me back. I learned how to value myself and my work in a whole new way and it’s been a game changer.” Mary, Actress & Script Writer, May 2019

“Natasha helped me find direction in my life when I was struggling to do that. It’s been an invaluable experience and has resulted in real changes in my life for the better. She’s kind and empathetic, and able to help you reach real life solutions to issues you may be facing.” Lara, Trustee, April 2019

“Natasha helped me to methodically think through different avenues I could take to feel more fulfilled in certain areas of my life. She put me at the center of the process, encouraging me to take the lead on establishing what I wanted to achieve and how to get there.” Wendy, Lawyer, February 2019

I was feeling very stuck and confused when I came to Natasha – I thought I was struggling to set and achieve personal goals and was looking for advice on how to overcome this. As we progressed with the sessions I gained greater insight into some of the thought patterns that were holding me back, and an awareness of some exploration I needed to do to actually figure out who I was and what I wanted. Natasha was really supportive and has given me some very practical ways to help unpick my thoughts and use them to help me assess different situations.” Katherine