Client Testimonials


"I'd been really wanting to get involved with life coaching for quite a while - I'd been doing therapy but really needed a more practical approach. Through the sessions with Natasha I was able to break down one of the biggest blocks that I'd been holding on to for a very long time and had no idea how much it was actually holding me back. I learned how to value myself and my work in a whole new way and it's been a game changer."

Mary, Writer, Actress & Director

"I was feeling very stuck and confused when I came to Natasha - I thought I was struggling to set and achieve personal goals and was looking for advice on how to overcome this. As we progressed with the sessions I gained greater insight into some of the thought patterns that were holding me back, and an awareness of some exploration I needed to do to actually figure out who I was and what I wanted. Natasha was really supportive and has given me some very practical ways to help unpick my thoughts and use them to help me assess different situations. Her style is calm, considered and inquisitive - always giving the space to help you notice things you may not have done before. It has been the start of a journey for me, helping me to start to gain a better understanding of myself and ways I can start to make decisions."

Katherine, Brand & Marketing Manager

"Speaking to Natasha about frustrations with my work life balance and my career goals allowed me to better understand my own motivations for seeking change. She's incredibly easy to talk to, she's empathetic and non-judgmental and provides all the right prompts to have a deep and meaningful conversation about life goals. I came out of our first conversation with a plan to transition into my own consulting practice. It was an incredibly liberating feeling."

Meena, Brand Strategist

"Natasha helped me find direction in my life when I was struggling to do that. It's been an invaluable experience and has resulted in real changes in my life for the better. She's kind and empathetic, and able to help you reach real life solutions to issues you may be facing."

Louise, Trustee & NGO Lead

"Natasha helped me to methodically think through different avenues I could take to feel more fulfilled in certain areas of my life. She put me at the centre of the process, encouraging me to take the lead on establishing what I wanted to achieve and how to get there."

Sally, Lawyer

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