I’ve coached over 200 people in the space of career change. Often, thoughts of wondering what to do with their career and how to forge a new career path are front of mind. And alongside this, an overwhelming feeling of being stuck. Of not knowing where to start, of what to do, when to do it, how to do it. Of knowing what’s possible and what’s ‘right’.

In the chemistry calls that I have with those who are in this place of stuckness, I do reflect back to them that they are doing something – they have taken a very active step to search for some support, to read some information, book a call and then show up for the chemistry call.

These steps can seem simple, but in my experience it has taken thinking, frustration and some kind of final straw that has generated some kind of enough-is-enough thought that has accelerated the taking action bit. The critical bit that starts to make things happen. And this can’t be underestimated. 

I also recognise that not everyone is at the point where they are ready and willing to work with a coach, and if that sounds like you, I have outlined here some resources that I think are helpful places to start to explore when thinking about what you do with your career, whether that’s about working on your career as it is or exploring career change. Either way, the underlying desire being to find more happiness, satisfaction, engagement with work and overall more balance with life too.

There are loads of resources out there, a simple google of ‘change career’ and you have hundreds upon hundreds of articles, podcasts and more. These particular resources I have outlined here, are resources that I am aware of, that helped me when I was having a major career wobble and that I also mention to others who find themselves in this space. They are also a nifty shortcut to a whole lot of searching and scrolling, if you really do just want someone to tell you what the right direction to go in is. 

If only it was that easy… Whilst I can’t do that in the body of an article, I can help guide you on where you can start.


Escape the City: Find work that matters to you and the world


‘Join an expert-led community of 500k purpose-driven escapees and progressive employers. Events, courses and resources to help you find your next exciting opportunity.’

So whilst this is a jobs platform, it has resources on ditching corporate and exploring other opportunities. Their career change resources section offers articles and case studies to do just this, as well as events and workshops. Low risk, low commitment, high potential to get your thoughts moving. I attended one of their workshops in the early stages of my wobble, and it was one small step that led to a more open mind about what’s possible and enabled me to take another small step towards change.


Squiggly careers


Offering a book, a podcast and numerous articles, toolkits, frameworks, case studies and workshops, Amazon If are champions of the Squiggly Career and forging your own career path and career direction, taking control and getting into the driving seat.

It’s a great space to browse and see what topics and titles stand out to you, pick a handful and have a read / watch / listen. Notice what resonates with you and think about exploring further. 

So much about meaningful change comes from self-awareness and this can start with exploration of information that can help us build our understanding of our own situation, find perspective through the stories and resources of others and also the opening of our minds of what’s possible and how this expands as we learn more about ourselves. 


Career Shifters


Full disclosure – I haven’t attended this workshop so can’t vouch for the quality of it. Career Shifters are experts in the career change space and offer many resources, case studies and workshops that can help you to start somewhere, when you don’t know where to start. Again, low risk, low commitment, high potential for generating some progress in your thoughts and ideas. It comes with a £75 investment.

They also have a whole host of free and accessible articles that you can browse and see what topic or title speaks to you, and start there to understand more about your situation and what your options might be to explore further.



So there you have 3 places to start, when you’re feeling stuck and paralysed yet motivated to do something, anything to work it out. Remember, small steps = big impact. What small steps can you take over the next 2-3 months that will help you feel like you’re making progress?

You can also check out this article on Where to Start (when you don’t know where to start) for more ideas on what you can start to think about doing.


And if that’s got your mind ticking, here are some extra resources that are worth a look around to stimulate more thinking and reflection:

Adam Grant’s Work Life podcast


A number of episodes on work life including navigating career turbulence, perfectionism and procrastination. 


On Purpose


A community that helps you find your work in the world: work that matters and work you care about, putting purpose before profit.

If you have explored a number of resources, or even none at all, and you know that it is working with a coach that will make the difference for you, let’s talk. Book a free chemistry call with me using the button at the bottom of this page and we can talk more about how you can start the small steps to career change.


Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash