Oh my.

This week I have felt like this guy >>> 🙈 too many times, when I’ve heard:

Pressed for time?? Here’s how to be more productive and DO MORE!!

Just started a new business? Here’s how to MAKE SIX 000,000 FIGURES!!!

Overwhelmed with doing too much?? Here’s a hundred tools to add to your life that will make your life easier!!

I mean, this is way too much.

Here’s my two cents: If you are pressed for time, if you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, pressured, exhausted, all of the above.

Do less.

Make a list of everything you are doing and everything in your diary next week, highlight what is not necessary, work out how to stop it, pause it, delay it. Just get it off your plate.

Become a NO Ninja.

Say no. And offer an alternative if it makes it easier for you to say no. (but don’t say sorry all the time)

Your friend/colleague: Hey can you just do this thing for me, please.

NO Ninja You: I’d love to help you out but I’m really stretched at the moment, have you asked Bob, I think he would be great at that.

Less monkey, more ninja.