If you are on track: good news!

If you’ve struggled: firstly, recognise this is totally fine – I’ve just read that 80% of resolutions fail by Feb. You’re definitely not alone.

But what most people won’t do is think much deeper about it.

If you have a resolution that’s important to you, but you’re struggling to keep, get curious and ask yourself:

Am I clear on why I want to do it? In other words, what’s the goal behind the goal. Get clarity.

Is it too much pressure? Has it become too much before it’s become possible. Break the big goal into smaller milestones.

Is it really important to me? So basically, do you care or does someone/society/social media seem to be implying it should be your goal.

Am I ready for change? You’re interested and motivated, but maybe you’re not ready. For now, allow yourself to let it go.

Some changes take time, patience and perseverance.

Knowing what’s stopping you can help make sure change doesn’t fall off the 2020 table.

Regroup, Reset, Refocus, and get onto the right resolution.