A recurring theme I see with my coaching clients is around feeling stuck in a career, and not knowing how to get unstuck. It’s a demotivating and frustrating place to be in. It’s also an opportunity to understand more about why you’re feeling stuck and what’s changed to mean that your current set up is no longer ticking the boxes it once did for you.

You’re not alone. Here’s some tips to think about on your mission to become unstuck:

Take time to think

Reflect on what’s important to you, what you find easier to do than others might, what makes you feel happy, what excites you, when do you feel most present. Really notice any themes, patterns, anything that stands out, and dig into it deeper.

Create your support network

Those that will guide you, back you, prop you up, call you out, make you laugh and inspire you. Be thoughtful and deliberate about who you pick. Friends, family, mentors, coaches; whoever they are, find your people you can rely on and who can contribute to your progress. Talk to them for support, for guidance, for inspiration, for comfort and for confidence.

Learn intentionally

Learn by doing. Passion comes from application so don’t worry too much about ‘finding your passion’, just start to try things that instinctively catch your attention.

Create conversations and opportunities

Start conversations, collaborations, explore what makes you curious and see how and where you can add value, be useful, and have an impact. Don’t underestimate where this can lead: people love to help others, they love to share their own learnings and you never really know where a conversation or opportunity can lead until you try it.

Do the hard work

Whether it’s a 10% test of trying something out, tapping into your network’s network or signing up for training: push further than you might want to, feel some level of discomfort, get involved, commit and work hard.

Have courage.

Make decisions.

Take action.




And if you’re feeling even a little motivated and pumped right now, think of one action from the above five tips that is calling out to you, write the action down, and then do it. Take a small step, and then another, and then another. Small steps can lead to big change. And big change can make the stuckness melt away.

Good luck!