Natasha Chatur

Employee happiness and engagement delivers against business success.

Natasha Chatur

Employee happiness and engagement delivers against business success.


Whether you are responsible for employees, or for the members of your collective, as a purpose driven leader of your people, do you think:

  • I take responsibility to be part of their development
  • I want them to bring the best versions of themselves to their work
  • I know poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year, and that entrepreneurs are technically 50% more likely to have a mental health condition and am proactively looking for preventative solutions
  • I recognise that I can provide access to the support they need to do that
  • I know that they will deliver value more consistently if I support them when they need it
  • I want them to know they can come to me for solutions, not just problems
  • I want an option to call on that is agile, flexible and simple to implement
  • I don’t have the capacity to provide the coaching support my people need, I am looking for someone who I can collaborate with

I work with businesses who are committed to their people.

Coaching for businesses and collectives.

Your driver: Support your people in maintaining and improving their productivity, effectiveness and engagement.

Your approach:

As a business, you’re thinking of a handful of high value employees who you want to support individually, considering adding coaching to your Employee Assistance Programme, or creating and building on your employee engagement and employee experience plans.

As a collective, you’re looking for a coach to add to your services directory who can offer your members 121 coaching to help them run their business, considering offering group coaching, workshops and training to provide continued support or looking to include coaching into your business programmes.

A solution at your fingertips: Coaching as an accessible, no infrastructure, highly bespoke and high value solution to compliment your overall plans.

Together we can come up with a solution that is agile enough for you to call on when you need it, flexible enough to work for your busy employees or members, and effective enough for your peace of mind.

How It Can Work

Some options of working together are below, and more bespoke options can be developed collaboratively, hit the Get In Touch button to start a conversation.



A one-off 90 minute coaching session for chemistry. Can also be used for quick, hands on employee support.


Per person

Individual coaching package per employee. Hourly sessions every 2-4 weeks for the length of time needed.


Per day

Coach booked for the company for a half or full day, sessions to be allocated by the company as needed.

Let's talk more and I'll help you have a coaching solution in no time.