Natasha Chatur

Coaching for Millennials as First Time People Managers and Emerging Leaders

Natasha Chatur

Coaching for Millennials as First Time People Managers and Emerging Leaders


Work Happiness Makes Good Business Sense

Increased Productivity

Happier employees experience 31% higher productivity and organisations with an engaged workforce can boost productivity by a fifth.

Reduced Burnout

Happier employees are less likely to burn out or be absent from work, taking ten times fewer sick days.

Improved Creativity

Happier employees display three times more creativity. When people are in a state of ‘happiness’, they are able to find 12+ solutions to a given problem, compared to 2 when in a state of anger or fear.

Improved Retention

Happier employees stay in their role for twice as long.

As the workforce ages and Millennials assume first-time people manager roles and eventually executive leadership positions, organisations need to ensure they are fully competent and ready to excel.

Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial Leaders, International Coaching Federation Report 2017

Work Happiness for Millennials

Millennials are: In their early twenties to late thirties. They are the younger employees and future leaders of business.

Millennials respond to: Opportunities to explore career growth and develop their leadership skills.

The Leadership Pipeline (left. Drotter, Noel, Charan) shows the key transition moments of Passage One (first time people managers) and beyond (emerging leaders) where employees move from learning their craft to leading others and on to leading business.

“As management styles evolve, Millennials don’t want “bosses.” Instead, they want “coaches” who can help them reach career development goals. The preferred management style is moving from command and control to a new style based on inclusion, involvement, and participation.” ICF Report 2017

In my 15 year corporate history in video games, financial services and fintech, I have been the new people manager and the emerging leader.

These opportunities are as rewarding and a celebratory right of passage as much they are pressured and overwhelming.

Such a period of professional transition and personal transformation – especially when coupled with organisational restructure, fast-paced growth, product/geographical expansion or new operating models – can be made smoother and more successful for both business and employee, by providing access to coaching as a developmental opportunity.

121 Coaching

First 100

Coaching during the first 100 days for first time people managers.

Coaching can focus on accelerating and upskilling on key management competencies that present over the first 100 days.

> engaging and inspiring others
> developing people and relationships
> working with emotional intelligence
> delegation and decision making
> stakeholder management
> managing boundaries
> time management and organisation
> effective communication
> authority and responsibility

Critically in the first 100 days, new people managers need to establish their own management style, accelerate key management capabilities, move from task to people oriented and to feel supported and capable so they can do their best work for the business.

Coaching can proactively address imposter syndrome, burnout, employee wellbeing and retention.


Emerging Leader

Coaching for a deliberate step-change and preparation for leadership.

Coaching can support in developing focus and skills through a period of transition into leadership.

> defining a leadership style
> clarifying strengths
> refining behaviours
> C-suite stakeholder management
> presence and gravitas
> assertive and influential communication
> dealing with conflict
> accountability
> working with feedback

Critically at a time of personal growth and professional development, emerging leaders need to be able to explore and define their own style within the culture and structure of the organisation.

Coaching can proactively support emerging leaders to build courage and really build confidence in their own capabilities and potential to thrive as a future leader.


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