Has furlough or redundancy given you pause for thought?


Has furlough or redundancy given you pause for thought?


Optimism has a strong correlation with resilience.

And optimism in turn correlates with improved productivity and success.

But how can you find optimism through resilience at a time like this?

Covid-19, lockdown, furlough…so much has happened. We’ve had time to do things a different way and been forced into having a different perspective.

So now what?

Clarity can come from step by step exploration.

When you can make sense of a situation, start to understand what’s important to you and also start to have sight of what you want from the future, that’s when you can begin to know who you really are and what you want and need from the present.

Being furloughed or made redundant can throw you into a mix of uncertainty, stress, pressure and the additional time to think can take you into over thinking and unhelpful story loops.

It can also give you breathing time. Time to reflect, to explore ideas, to evaluate your own reaction and wonder if it’s time to make a change.

Whichever camp you fall into, you may be thinking that you want to spend some time working out what you do next.

Do you want work to be the same? Are you wondering if you want to be the same?

Despite the uncertainty around you, what if you could take this time to be more certain about yourself and your own next steps.

Making a decision now to work things out for yourself means you can lead your own change and your own future, and not just be led by the forces around you.

Coaching is about helping you get from A to B by facilitating a space, using powerful questioning, tools and techniques to explore and discover what’s going on for you through different perspectives and an open mind.

1-2-1 Coaching

In these uncertain times, a little structure is helpful!
Over six sessions we’ll work through the impact furlough or redundancy has had on you and explore what it might mean for what you want to do next. We will:


What just happened?

Let’s talk through what’s happened, how it happened and the impact it’s had on you including what’s worrying you, or exciting you. Reflection is a powerful way of acknowledging what you’re going through, taking learnings and letting it go to move on.


Where are you now?

We’ll take a look at your life as it is now and everything that’s going on in it to get a sense of the role your job plays and how you’re feeling about your career. Have you found you’re missing something? Has thinking time triggered something? Has being on furlough tapped into a strong personal realisation?


What do you want?

We’ll start to look at how you would like your life to be and what you need from it, including the thoughts that have come up for you since lockdown and furlough, and what this means for what happens next – is there a different way of going back into the world.


What are the possibilities?

This is where we go big and get creative, wondering what could be possible if there were no limits or constraints. What haven’t you done, what have you always wanted to do, what do you want to do now that you never really focused on? Opening the mind and letting go of what’s holding you back can uncover exciting ideas and creative solutions.


What needs to happen?

You’ve dreamt big, now let’s focus on what’s possible to turn into a reality. How can you see a world that meets your needs and gives you what you want. Whether it’s work-life balance, a pivot, small changes for big impact or big change, we will clear away the clutter and decide what’s most important.


How will you make it happen?

No point having ideas without a plan! In this session, we’ll work out a solid action plan breaking goals down into achievable steps over a period of time, including working out what support and resources could be helpful. You will be feeling clear and confident to make new moves!

Schedule a call and in 45 minutes I will help you start your journey to work happiness.



I think I'll be keeping my job, but being on furlough has made me wonder if it's what I really want, can this coaching still work for me?

Yes absolutely. This course is about taking the time and space to work things out for yourself, so whichever way it goes, you're confident about what you want.

Does it matter if I am furloughed or have been made redundant, can coaching still help me?

The content is relevant to anyone who is experiencing uncertainty in their job or career and wanting to clear their mind on what comes next.

I'm fine about my job and career really, but the current situation has made me think more about my life in general, what about working through that?

This has been happening to many of us, the extra time we have to think,  the new ways we have had to adjust, the new perspectives that have been forced onto us - all understandable, and yes, we can definitely work through it together with life coaching.

I can't decide if this is what I need to be doing right now, help!

You've got time on your hands and weight on your mind. If you don't have a strategy to work things out, this is your opportunity.

How much does it cost?

Six hour long 1-2-1 coaching sessions is an investment of £550 total.

I'm worried about my financials, how can we make it work?

This is completely understandable and the investment can be made over a period of time as follows:

Month 1: £200, 2 sessions

Month 2: £200, 2 sessions

Month 3: £150, 2 sessions

How often are the sessions?

Sessions are recommended every one to two weeks to allow time to think in between.

I'm interested, what should I do?

What you shouldn't do is keep wondering what to do. Change comes from action, and significant change comes from small steps. Take one small step today and drop me an email to say hello and let's talk more about what could be right for you.